Monosota is hexahedral capacity of monosota construction. It is the capacity, limited with framework, where dwelling house, working area, trading space can be.

Monosota is an absolutely new from-factor in building.

Due to its unique features, monosota can efficiently solve housing problems and many others with nonpolluting methods, without complicated technological

process and without using large-size and high-altitude equipment.

Monosota is made of elementary capacities, called monosotas which consist of 3 main capacities:

1. overhead

2. working space

3. under the floor

Monosota is intellectual home of high quality. And you decide what home it will be: from planning to designing to your taste and choice!

Monosota is the solution to housing problems for every family and is the concept of home welfare.

Monosota is the individual approach on basis of your choice and you abilities to safe comfortable home!


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