You can always be sure about Monosota,

- it is the guarantee of quality and safety for your home for more than 150 years;

- it is the possibility of renewal of materials and intellectual systems of your home;

- these are your abilities, multiplied by your needs, innovations and new world technologies;

- Monosota can float on water, can stand on any ground and even on bog!

Monosota is the scope of possibilities from summerhouse to skyscraper.

From now on you can acquire Monosota – “eternal” intellectual home:

- rebuild your house, build on and complete it, change configuration and design whenever you want, like construction set «Lego for adults»;

- replanning, heat and sound insulation, hot and cold water and many others depend on you without any endorsements.


«Plazna» company is offering exclusive projects of building cottages, settlements, town houses and multitiered buildings – the results of harmonious development and adoption of innovation building technologies. We are ready to execute work package on planning, building and landscape designing with warranty and out-of-warranty service.


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