1. Mobility of monosota structures. Monosota is a constructor where you can easily

change any element – from stanchion (supporting block) and girder to warmthkeeping

material and sewage pipe. For assembling and disassembling monosota

structure you don’t need to have professional knowledge (it’s enough to have screw

key and ability to tighten the screws). Some-storey house is easy to disassemble and

to move to a new place of living.

2. High speed of assembling. For professional assembling of one monosota (base

arrangement) on the foundation takes 5-8 hours.

3. Simplicity of assembling. Construction is considered in every detail. There can be

no mistakes as there are only 5 types of elements, made in factory conditions and

assembled on screw fixing.

4. To build multistorey monosota buildings doesn’t need large-size and high-altitude

equipment. That provides safety of workers and protective attitude to environment.

5. Simplicity of building on and reconstruction to any number of storeys and any areas

is possible even after giving object to operation.

6. It is possible to change locally any elements of construction without disassembling

the whole construction. You don’t have to leave your home during capital repairs.

7. Flooding is not a problem for monosota constructions. Monosotas can be used either

on the ground or on water.

8. Monosota constructions can be built at any season and at any place.

9. Monosotas are earthquake-proof.

10. Natural form of sota beneficially influences people’s health and plants.

11. Monosota structures can be used for protection from natural disasters – flood,

tsunami, fire etc.

12. It is easy to make a replanning inside monosota – it is a paradise for architects and



the scope of possibilities


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